Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Wiles of the Devil

I'm not sure how to begin this entry ... I've been spending a lot of time thinking recently about what really matters in my life. If everything was gone, what could I not live without?

In the multi-stake conference we just had that involved all of New Mexico, Texas and Oklahoma, President Uchtdorf spoke just for a moment about the idols we have. How those idols are the materialistic and greedy presence in our lives. We all have them. To be honest, the "castle" we went to last week for the RS activity took my breathe away. I couldn't think straight for the first hour and a half and it wasn't until the last half hour that I could see around the horrible green monster that had been blocking my view that night. I was literally filled with misery as I saw the opulence of what others had and I didn't.

But then I remembered how I had been ruminating on the important matters, and it dawned on me that those with more, end up having to give up more in the end. I need to be grateful for what I have and be prepared to give it all up if the Lord asks me to. Maybe I would be selfish enough not be able to give up my "idols" if they were more expensive and opulent. And why should I want more when what I have is more than enough? Too much in some manners.

When it comes right down to it, I have the most important things in life which are my family and the gospel. If the prophet said today that we needed to drop everything and go to "x" place in the morning, I know that I could do it. And gladly.

So this is the gist of my entry, I am blessed indeed! I have a family that is sealed for all eternity that I adore. I have a sure knowledge of my Heavenly Father's love for me individually. I've learned through trial and error that whatever mistakes I may make, He continues to love me and prays for my safety and return. (And yes, I believe He prays just as I pray to Him.) I've been blessed with the peace giving knowledge of the eternal plan and that makes these mortal days livable. I'm nowhere near perfect and don't expect to be in this lifetime, but through His help, I see progress in myself. And I can physically see my growth when I involve the Lord in my concerns and problems specifically. Most importantly, I know that if I am loved this much (and I really know that I am), then so are the rest of the people around me and that motivates me to love them also, no matter our differences. We are each children of a loving God and if I could remember prior to the veil, I know my love for those around me would be just as much as my mortal love for my family, if not more as my capacity would probably be greater.

Yes, I am blessed!

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